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Our Trust Document Services can save you hundreds over a visit to an attorneys office.    

* Protect your life and legacy.

Our life is so much more then the things we posses, yet many years decades accumulating wealth, property, and precious family items.  Where will they go? How will they be used?    Take control of your legacy and ensure your wishes are met.

* Avoid probate

Probate cost, state taxes, and needless court delays can be avoided.   In many states up to 50% of estates are still in probate court after 1 year. 

* Protect your privacy

Probate proceedings are conducted in public court, your private and personal affairs will be a matter of public record and open to public viewing.

* Maintain Control

A Family Trust is the best way to ensure your wishes are followed, even after you are not able to express them personally.   


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Trust Document Questionnaire (pdf)